E-Governe Improves the Public Sector’s Service Delivery

The internet has played a major role in today’s life; people are able to manage different businesses and personal matters at the comfort of their homes or offices. The same is now applying to the way a government operates. There are many services that a government provides to its citizens, be it a local government or a national government. The internet has made delivery of these services simpler and fast. E-governance or e-government is the term used to commonly refer to the platform provided by the government to ease the process of service delivery at large.

The city of Teresina has not been left behind; being one of the largest municipality in Brazil, the city has embraced the use of e-governe to optimize the process of service delivery. In collaboration with the health department, the department of finance and the education department, Teresina is going to fully embrace the benefits of e-governance and improve the sectors accordingly. This is according to Miguel-Oliveira, the president of Teresinense Data Processing Company Prodater.

Although the first tools of e- government were directed towards management of human resources on assespro.org.br, the city’s mayor says that e-governance is now going to be directed towards improving service delivery in the public sector by identifying problems, speeding up the response to an increasing population in the city and monitoring all the services provided by the municipality. In Teresina, E-government is being implemented by the Instituto Curitiba de Informática, abbreviated as ICI.

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The Health Sector
With good strategies that integrate all the health care units, managing public health care becomes easy. This is achieved by using e-governance in the health sector, which makes it easy to control and monitor the stock in pharmacies and how they are distributed, keep track of the ambulances that are in service and in which exact location or hospitals they are serving. It is also very easy to keep track of the hospitals that need more bed space or more doctors depending on the number of patients they attend to per day or over a specified period. Among the benefits of using e-government in the health sector include:
• Easy control of patients from other municipalities
• Reliable financial control and tracking
• Improves management of work and
• Makes it easy to structure health units correctly.
Proper use of e-governance in the public health sector reduces the long queues that patients are subjected to even when they are in urgent need of seeing a doctor.

Education Sector E-Government
Osasco is yet another municipality that has adopted the use of e-government in the education sector. ICI will provide all the materials such as computers and the necessary electrical network that will make it easy to control and monitor the progress of all 138 schools in the municipality. Among the benefits of e-governance in the education department include:
• It promotes integrity, uniqueness of information and protects the information
• Makes shared reports available to all the stakeholders
• Provides management reports in real time
• It allows people to access information according to their clearance levels.

Use of e-governe techniques is no doubt the best thing a municipality can provide to its people. It improves all sectors of life and makes it easy for cities like Osasco and Teresina to effectively meet the primary demands of the public without unnecessary pressure.

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